Write The Perfect Resume

If you see a job you like, the next step is to submit your resume and apply. Resume writing is a skill set that is very important in the job application process. A resume represents your story of experiences, education, and skills you bring to the company you're applying for. This piece of paper is what hiring managers use to determine who comes in for an interview, so having the correct resume is vital in the job hunting process. has put together a list of resume writing tips our experts feel will help you with the application process.  Consider these tips from our career experts and make your resume stand out amongst the crowd. Be sure to submit your resume to multiple companies to increase your chances of finding your dream job!
  • Keep it short and to the point.  The average time a recruiter or hiring manager spends looking at your resume is around 6 seconds, do not bore them with irrelevant details.  Every resume must have name, contact information, career objective, current company and title with start and end date, previous company and title with start and end date, and education.  Any career achievements should be put at the top so it can catch the reader’s attention more quickly.
  • Use keywords from their job description.  Before submitting your resume, carefully read the job description and customize your resume to the position you are applying for.  Most job postings will include a list of requirements and qualifications employers are looking for in a candidate, identify keywords from this list and add them to your resume.
  • Make your resume relevant to your job title. Recruiters and hiring managers are actively looking through hundreds of resumes to find similar job titles and skills relevant to the open position. People who are applying to a finance job should incorporate many of the financial skills and tasks on their resume. This helps with finding candidates who have the skills and experience they need.
  • Highlight your achievements. Resumes aim to showcase your achievements. Don't be afraid to list out what you accomplished at your company. Interviewers and recruiters like to see what and how you were able to improve your company. Highlighting your achievements on your resume will not only help your recruiter know your work history but it will give them positive topics to discuss during the interview.
  • Don't lie on your resume. This is one of the most important tips we give all job seekers. Hiring managers can tell really quickly if you lie on your resume. If something looks questionable, they will drill you about it and use their resources to verify it. We recommend to simply writing down the truth on your resume. This will help you feel more confident during the interview as well as help when it comes to them verifying what you did at the company.
Consider these tips when you write your resume. Good luck from the Jobs Hire team!

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